27 Mar 2018, 7:00 p.m.

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By Iman Martin Scenario: You've just arrived at Kuwait International airport and notice the wide array of costumes all around. A local gentleman is wearing a long white thobe and white headdress while a group of women are wearing the traditional long black Abaya and hijab (cloak & scarf). Another glance and you view a woman fully covered with niqab (face veil). If one were to ask the man why does he choose to dress as he does? He'd likely respond, "It's my culture and traditional dress dictates my clothing choice". Yet if the same question was addressed to the women they might respond, "It is our religion which dictates the way we dress". This is just one example so join us as we reveal many aspects between religion and culture of Kuwaitis' daily life.

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AWARE Center

Advocates for Western Arab Relations

Villa 84, Street 50,

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Block 3, Surra, Kuwait