09 Dec 2017, 11:00 a.m.

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The Kuwait Camel Racing Club opens its season annually from November through April. This rare sport is a 'must-see' for the western expatriate audience. Many owners of the camels import distinctive racing camels & hire coaches to ensure a strong start in this serious competition. With robots mounted on the camels, this is a sport that appeals to all! Fee (includes transport & buffet): KD 15 (Adult; Non-Member); KD 13 (Adult; Member); KD 5 (Children; age 6 – 12); KD 2 (Bus Seat for Child; age 1 – 5) (Please note: The Camel Race Club does not charge an entrance fee) Limited Seats! Registration is though Cash Payments only.

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AWARE Center

Advocates for Western Arab Relations

Villa 84, Street 50,

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Block 3, Surra, Kuwait