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Common Kuwaiti Phrases

12 Dec 2010


Common Kuwaiti Arabic Phrases

Ebrahim Al-Adsani



·         Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 200 million speakers. It is spoken in 24 countries.

·         It is also the second language of millions of Muslims around the world.

·         It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

·         The Arabic language takes many forms and can be divided into three main categories:

·         Classic Arabic.

·         Formal or Modern Standard Arabic.

·         Spoken Arabic.

·         The Arabic phrases presented here are most applicable to the Gulf states


·         A: as in ‘had’

·         E: as in ‘bet’

·         I: as in ‘hit’

·         O: as in ‘hot’

·         U: as in ‘put’


·         I: a-na

·         You (sg): in-ta/in-ti (m/f)

·         He: oh-wa

·         She: Eh-ya

·         We: Eh-nu

·         You (pl): In-tuw

·         They: Oh-ma


·         Hello: as-salam alaykum

·         Hello (response); wa alaykum asalam

·         How are you: kaif halak

·         I am fine (Thank God): Al hamdulillah

·         Goodbye (person leaving): ma’asalama

·         Goodbye (person staying): allysalmak

·         Good morning: sabah al-khair

·         Good afternoon: masa’a al-khair

·         Good night: tisbah ala khair

·         Welcome: ahlan wa sahlan OR marhaba


·         Yes: E or na’am

·         No: la

·         Maybe: mumkin

·         Please: min fadhlik

·         After you: Taffadhal

·         Thank you: shukran

·         You are welcome: afwan

·         Excuse me: Atni (m) Atini (f)

·         OK: tayib or Inshallah

·         No problem: mafi mushkila

Small talk

·         How are you: kef Halak

·         Fine thanks : zein or al-Hamdulillah

·         What’s your name: shismek

·         My name is….ismi…

·         I understand: ana afhum

·         I don’t understand: ma afhum

·         I speak… ana atakallam…

·         Do you speak…..titkallam…..

·         English: inglizi

·         French: fransawi

·         German: almani

·         I do’t speak Arabic: maatakallam arabi

Getting Around

·         Where is (the)….wein (al-)……

·         Airport: al-matar

·         Bus stop: mokaf al-bas

·         Bus station: maHattat al-bas

·         Taxi stand: maHattat taxi

·         Hospital: Mos-thash-fa

·         Police Station: Makhfar

·         Supermarket: Jam-ee-yah

·         Toilet: Ham-mam


·         Addres: onswan

·         Street: shari’

·         Number: raqam

·         City: madina

·         Here: ehni

·         There: ehnak

·         Next to: yam

·         Opposite: gbal/mogabel

·         Behind: wara

·         From: min


·         Monday: yom al-ithnayn

·         Tuesday: yom al-thalatha

·         Wednesday: yom al-arba’

·         Thursday: yom al-khamees

·         Friday: yom al-jama’a

·         Saturday: yom as-sabt

·         Sunday: yom al ahad



·         Zero: sifr

·         One: waHid

·         Two: ithnin

·         Three: thlatha

·         Four: arba’a

·         Five: khamsa

·         Six: sitta

·         Seven: sab’a

·         Eight: thimania

·         Nine: tis’a

·         Ten: ashra

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